Brookdale Presbyterian Church
Saturday, November 22, 2014
Passion for Christ and compassion for people


Our Mission:

With passion for Christ and compassion for people, Brookdale Church is called to

WIN people over, BUILD people up, and SEND people out for Christ.



At Brookdale Church we stand firmly on the foundation of Scripture as the Word of God and on the power of prayer.  We are cultivating a passion for sharing the gospel and developing relationships with one another and with Jesus Christ through opportunities for all ages, focusing on these five Purpose Driven areas: 

Worship (Expressing our love to God)

 Fellowship (Nurturing significant spiritual relationships)

 Discipleship (Becoming more Christ-like)
  Ministry (God's work within the walls of the church)
 Mission (God's work beyond our walls)


Address:   203 South 31st Street
Saint Joseph, MO  64501
Contact us by phone at  (816) 279-0983 or
via e-mail at